<The Northern Governors (TNG) - The musical bloodline of Finnish soul/jazz.

TNG was formed by Kalevi when the musical cousins started to play together and noticed that the set-up worked out better than well.

Kalevi and Osmo are cousins while Petteri and Jyri are Osmo’s and Kalevi's second cousins. Jyri and Petteri are also offsprings of Marjatta Pokela, who is a famous Finnish composer of children’s music.

Osmos sisters, Tuuli and Heini, and Jorma Kalevis youngest sister, Hilkka, are on back-up vocals on the forthcoming album.

The Northern Governors are:

Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori: trp
Osmo Ikonen: voc, bass
Petteri Sariola: voc, guitar
Jyri Sariola: drs
Jay Kortehisto: trombone
Linda Fredriksson: sax
Mikael Myrskog: keys


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The Northern Governors